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  • chocolate-coated marshmallow pops


    get a little pop of heaven in every bite! our chocolate-coated marshmallows are perfect little treats for the sweet-tooth moment. kids (and kids at heart) love them!

  • vanilla marshmallows


    our vanilla marshmallows are made using 100% pure Madagascar vanilla extract. perfect for dunking into your favourite cup of hot beverage, or just eat out of the pack to satisfy your sweet craving.

  • lemon marshmallows


    made with freshly squeezed lemon juice and rind, our lemon marshmallows are fluffy and tangy. they are perfect as a hot afternoon snack, or dunk into your favourite cup of hot drink for a pick-me-up.

  • chocolate marshmallows


    made with 100% pure cocoa powder and mildly spiced with cinnamon, our chocolate marshmallows are rich and bittersweet, perfect for the real chocolate lovers. eat right out of the pack if you prefer, or dunk into your favourite cup of warm milk or coffee.

  • passion fruit marshmallows


    tangy and aromatic at the same time, freshly prepared passion fruit juice gives our marshmallows a tropical fruitiness like no other. perfect to snack right out of the pack, or dunk into your warm milk or tea.

  • rose marshmallows


    our rose marshmallows are infused with pure organic Bulgarian organic rose water and tinted with beetroot juice for the perfect romance. try them in a cup of warm milk or tea!

  • stout marshmallows


    thoroughly infused with Guinness Stout, our stout marshmallows have great malty-aroma, and are great eating on its own or dunking in your cup of hot cocoa or Milo – our favourite! fortunately (or unfortunately), they won’t make you drunk.

  • matcha marshamallows


    ancient wisdom; modern favourite. made using only the finest matcha powder, our matcha marshmallows is approved by die hard matcha fans.

  • salted caramel marshmallows


    made using our homemade caramel sauce, our salted caramel marshmallows is by far one of the best selling flavour. rich with great flavour, it’s perfect on its own or dunking into your cup of coffee, hot cocoa, or milk!

  • orange ginger marshmallows


    being our yearly Christmas flavour, everyone’s favourite orange ginger marshmallows is fragrant and spiced up with ginger. best enjoyed with a cup of hot cocoa while cuddling up!