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  • 4 servings of s’more. 4x of happiness.

    gather around and toast your favourite marshmallows. make your own oooey-gooey s’more. laugh over silly jokes. give hugs. spread love. everyday happiness doesn’t have to be difficult.

    NOTE: label of magic s’more box will be shipped randomly.


  • what’s better than a toasted oooey-gooey marshmallows? MORE toasted oooey-gooey marshmallows, of course. each burner can last for approximately 2 hours if allowed to burn continuously, or you can, of course, close the lid to put off the flame and save it for next time.

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    made with toasted almond bits and chocolate chip, our chocolate chip + almond cookies bites are so good you will practically finish the entire pack at one go – no joke, that’s what constantly happening in our kitchen.

  • mini care package


    it doesn’t always have to cost a bomb to show that we care. order a little care package for someone who needs a little pick-me-up.

    our mini care package comes with your choice of 4-cube marshmallows and a little concoction of beverage to go with them. choose the ever smooth organic orange pekoe black tea for a soothing afternoon, or our house-blend Ipoh white coffee for the nostalgic in you, or the quirky matcha powder for a spiritual lift, or the classic hot cocoa mix for a cozy day.

    because that’s what love is like.

    NOTE: all mini care packages will be shipped flat. you will need to open up and assemble the little bag yourself.

  • our Ipoh white coffee is sourced from a family-run business in the beloved Ipoh town in Perak, Malaysia. we then have them blended into a flavour and taste that goes perfectly well with our marshmallows. perfect with vanilla, chocolate, stout, and salted caramel marshmallows, Ipoh white coffee is traditionally roasted with only margarine and without (or with only very little) sugar, resulting in a less dark roast. simply pour a cup of hot water over a coffee bag, steep for 3-5 minutes before adding your favourite marshmallows and enjoy!



  • can’t settle with only one flavour? well you don’t have to! choose up to 3 of your favourite 4-cube pack at only RM19!

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    our favourite kind of almond biscotti is the traditional one with no butter added. it’s thick and hard on it’s own but soften nicely when dunked into your favourite cup of coffee!

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    packed with rolled oats, oatmeal, hazelnut, raisin, and chocolate chip, our bite-sized power cookies are the mini version of jumbo power cookies and are equally yum and healthy, PLUS they are super addictive!

  • packed with rolled oats, oatmeal, hazelnut, raisin, and chocolate chip, our jumbo size power cookies are yum and healthy and will keep you energised for a good start!

  • our yearly seasonal flavour is now available all-year round!

    featuring Malaysian’s all-time favourites: pandan, gula melaka, and hint of coconut milk. it’s rich, familiar, and fun!

  • get a little pop of heaven in every bite! our chocolate-coated marshmallows are perfect little treats for the sweet-tooth moment. kids (and kids at heart) love them!

  • our simple pleasure hot cocoa mix is specially formulated to bring out the best in our marshmallows. lightly spiced with cinnamon, it’s best paired with all-time favourite vanilla or salted caramel marshmallows, or be a little adventurous with stout or rose marshmallows. oh and matcha marshmallows works perfectly too!



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    [ available yearly in November & December. subject to changes without prior notice. ]

    being our yearly Christmas flavour, everyone’s favourite orange ginger marshmallows is fragrant and spiced up with ginger. best enjoyed with a cup of hot cocoa while cuddling up!

  • made using our homemade caramel sauce, our salted caramel marshmallows is by far one of the best selling flavour. rich with great flavour, it’s perfect on its own or dunking into your cup of coffee, hot cocoa, or milk!