Chocolate-coated Marshmallow Pops


Get a little pop of heaven in every bite! Our chocolate-coated marshmallow pops are perfect little treats for the sweet-tooth moment. Kids (and kids at heart) love them!

Each listing is for 4 pops.

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common ingredients: sugar, gelatin (bovine/fish, halal), icing sugar, corn starch, lemon juice, salt, milk chocolate (coating)

vanilla marshmallows: 100% pure vanilla extract
lemon marshmallows: lemon juice, lemon rind
chocolate marshmallows: 100% cocoa powder, 100% pure vanilla extract, cinnamon
passion fruit marshmallows: fresh passion fruit juice
rose marshmallows: organic rose water, beetroot, 100% pure vanilla extract
stout marshmallows: stout (may contain traces of alcohol)
salted caramel marshmallows: homemade caramel (contains butter and cream), 100% pure vanilla extract
pandan+salted gula melaka: homemade gula melaka sauce (contains coconut milk), pandan

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