We make awesome gourmet marshmallows and snacks from scratch using only the finest ingredients with no artificial colours, flavours, and preservative.

whipping up clouds of happiness since 2011

Started off as a pet project in 2011, we take pride in whipping up batches of fluffy gourmet marshmallows with no artificial colours, flavours, and preservatives. What you get from our marshmallows are either premium or fresh ingredients, with natural colours from various food like beetroot, passion fruit, 100% pure vanilla extract and cocoa powder (we use Valrhona!) and even homemade salted caramel sauce. Our marshmallows are made in-house in small batches at least once a week to ensure what goes into your stomach is as fresh as it can be.

As a small team of people with different strengths and abilities, we share the same passion to tirelessly bring the best experience to taste buds of all kinds, which often means rounds and rounds of research, experiments, and hard work. As such most of the food we sell is prepared in our kitchen.

A huge part of our culture believes in giving back, both to mother nature and to the community. With that, we carefully curate the food we include in our menu to reduce wastage – so at the same time you do not have to pay for what’s not going into your stomach. We plan ahead and use only what we need in our daily operations. We recycle and reuse almost everything we possibly can, and give away used coffee grounds to the community as fertiliser and household deodoriser. We use dish wash soaps produced by a local company using recycled cooking oil collected from Halal restaurants.

Above all, we hope you enjoy what we do, and we look forward to creating more journeys with you.

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