what are the main ingredients of marshmallows?

the main ingredients are gelatin, sugar, and liquid.

what is gelatin?

gelatin is a product derived from collagen obtained from animals, commonly used as gelling agent in food. it is used in most gummy candies, some cheesecakes, marshmallows, ice-cream, yoghurt, etc.

is the gelain used halal?

the gelatin we use is often from a beef source, occasionally from fish, and very rarely from goat. all of them are from halal source.

how can I enjoy my marshmallows?

our marshmallows are perfect for eating on their own, or they can be dunked into your favourite beverages for the extra ooomph. once dunked, they melt away into a layer if foam, leaving an aromatic flavour to your drinks.


what are the beverages that you’d recommend for your marshmallows to dunk into?

while we’d always encourage you to be adventurous, here are some of our personal favourites:

  • vanilla marshmallows with coffee, hot cocoa, malt drinks (eg: Milo), matcha latte, or milk.
  • chocolate marshmallows with coffee or milk.
  • lemon marshmallows with coffee, tea, or matcha latte.
  • passion fruit marshmallows with milk, hot cocoa, malt drinks (eg: Milo), or matcha latte
  • rose marshmallows with tea, milk, or hot cocoa.
  • stout marshmallows with Milo, milk or coffee.
  • salted caramel marshmallows with coffee, hot cocoa, malt drinks (eg: Milo), matcha latte, or milk.
  • matcha marshmallows with hot cocoa, malt drinks (eg: Milo), or milk.

in all cases, make sure your beverage is sugar-free as marshmallows will add sweetness to your drink. depending on personal preference, we recommend dunking one or two cubes into an 8oz beverage.

how should I store my marshamallows?

our marshmallows should be stored in air-tight container, in a cool and dry place. it is possible to store in the refrigerator for longer shelf life. marshmallows stored in a refrigerator will be slightly chewier.


how can i pay for my order?

you can pay using local bank transfer through Billplz (Maybank2u, CIMB Clicks, Bank Islam, RHB, Hong Leong Bank, Bank Muamalat, Public Bank, Alliance Bank, Affin Bank, AmBank, Bank Rakyat, UOB, Standard Chartered). instructions will be provided during checkout. contact us if you need to pay via PayPal.


how soon will you ship once i place my order and paid?

to ensure that your orders do not spend the weekend at the courier service’s warehouse, we currently only ship on Mondays (for immediately available stocks), Tuesdays (our production/packing day), Wednesday, and occasionally on Thursdays, depending on product availability. in the event of insufficient stock in which we need longer time to prepare, we will contact you once we determine the stock availability.

what if i am from countries other than Malaysia and Singapore?

if you’re from countries other than Malaysia and Singapore, contact us prior to placing your order with your location (zip code needed), and let us know what you’d like to purchase so we can quote you shipping charges accordingly. under normal circumstances we use FedEx International Economy for all overseas shipment. generally we recommend packing all overseas parcels with foam boxes, and the smallest should hold up to approximately 12 packs of 12-cube marshmallows. consider getting your family and friends to purchase together and save on shipping! 🙂

what courier service do you use to ship orders? how do you normally pack the orders?

depending on the location, we use GDex, ABX Express or PosLaju to all locations in Malaysia, and FedEx International Economy for orders to Singapore. in most cases, your orders will be packed in a foam box for better temperature control. in the event when your order could not fill up the smallest foam box (the smallest foam box that we can get our hands on can fit 12 packs of marshmallows), we will pack them in a corrugated box and line with foam sheets. If your location is covered by our courier service’s next day delivery, shipping in corrugated boxes is usually sufficient. However if you frequently experience delays in receiving parcels in your area (eg: more than 2 days), we highly recommend using foam boxes. Please contact us to make arrangement (extra charges may apply).


what other places can i get your marshmallows?

you can also get selected range of our products at:


do you do wedding / party favours? how much does it cost?

yes we do! price will depend on your requirements (eg: quantity, flavour, what to include in a pack, any special printing, etc). Typically for marshmallows, minimum order is 50 cubes per flavour (can be one or several cubes per pack). write to us and let’s start talking! 😉