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Full Moon Gift Set: Cookie Crunch


Minimum Order Quantity: 10 sets
Lead time: Approx. 1 week


NOTE: This item is only available for Local Pickup and Penang island delivery (single address only).

FOR LOCAL PICKUP: Please select ‘Local pickup at Cafe@Bellisa Row’ and specify your pickup date during checkout. Minimum 1 week lead time.

FOR PENANG ISLAND DELIVERY: Please select ‘Flat Rate’ or ‘Free Penang Island Delivery’ (if eligible) and specify your preferred delivery date during checkout.
Penang Island Delivery Time: In between 10am – 6pm. We will contact you prior to sending your order.

Each Full Moon Gift Set: Cookie Crunch consists of:

1x 100g chocolate chip + almond cookie bites
1x 100g power cookie bites
2x 4-cube marshmallows of your choice
1x test tube hot cocoa (18g, 2 servings)
2x red eggs
1x card

NOTE: Please indicate the name to include in the tag at checkout.

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100g chocolate chip + almond cookie bites, 100g power cookie bites, 2x 4-cube marshmallows of your choice, 1x test tube hot cocoa mix (18g, 2 servings), 2x red eggs, 1x card

Ingredients (hot cocoa)

Valrhona cocoa powder, icing sugar, cinnamon, salt

Ingredients (marshmallows)

Common ingredients: gelatin (bovine/fish), sugar, icing sugar, corn starch, salt, lemon juice, water

vanilla marshmallows: 100% pure vanilla extract
lemon marshmallows: lemon juice, lemon rind
chocolate marshmallows: 100% cocoa powder, 100% pure vanilla extract, cinnamon
passion fruit marshmallows: fresh passion fruit juice
rose marshmallows: organic rose water, beetroot, 100% pure vanilla extract
stout marshmallows: stout (may contain traces of alcohol)
salted caramel marshmallows: homemade caramel (contains butter and cream), 100% pure vanilla extract
pandan+salted gula melaka: homemade gula melaka sauce (contains coconut milk), pandan

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