Orange Cranberry Biscotti


Thanks to the fragrant orange rind and chewy dried cranberries, orange cranberry biscotti is now our new favourite munch! Made without butter, it’s crunchy and fragrant on it’s own but soften nicely when dunked into your favourite cuppa! Super addictive too!

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flour, sugar, dried cranberries, egg, orange rind baking powder, salt

Nutritional info

Serving size: 25g
Servings per package: 6
Energy: 105kcal/hidangan (418kcal/100g)
Carbohydrate: 20.7g/hidangan (82.8g/100g)
Protein: 2.6g/hidangan (10.5g/100g)
Fat: 1g/hidangan (3.8g/100g)



Shelf life & storage

8 months from date of production. Store in air-tight container, cool and dry place for optimal shelf life.

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