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Magic S’more Box


UPDATE 22 Dec 2022: Magic S’more Box is an online only product. Not available for walk-ins. Enjoy additional 10% discount when you purchase 2 or more Magic S’more Box in a single transaction!

4 servings of s’more. 4x of happiness.

Gather around and toast your favourite marshmallows. Make your own oooey-gooey s’more. Laugh over silly jokes. Give hugs. Spread love. Everyday happiness doesn’t have to be difficult.

Each Magic S’more Box consists of 1 pack of 4-cube marshmallows of your choice, 8 pcs house-made honey graham crackers, 1x Hershey’s chocolate bar of your choice, 1x mini burner, and 4x bamboo skewers. It comes in a soft kraft box that will open up flat with instructions on how to make your own s’more on the inside – pretty handy we’d say! ?

NOTE: Sleeve-label of magic s’more box will be shipped randomly. Children should not use without adult supervision.


package content

1x 4-cube marshmallows, 1x Hershey's chocolate bar, 1x 8 piece house-made honey graham crackers, 1x mini burning gel (contains ethanol), 4x bamboo skewer, soft kraft box open up flat with instructions on the inside


honey graham crackers: flour, butter, brown sugar, honey, milk, wheat bran, wheat germ, baking soda, salt

common ingredients (marshmallows): sugar, gelatin (bovine/fish, halal), icing sugar, corn starch, lemon juice, salt

vanilla marshmallows: 100% pure vanilla extract
lemon marshmallows: lemon juice, lemon rind
chocolate marshmallows: 100% cocoa powder, 100% pure vanilla extract, cinnamon
passion fruit marshmallows: fresh passion fruit juice
rose marshmallows: organic rose water, beetroot, 100% pure vanilla extract
stout marshmallows: stout (may contain traces of alcohol)
salted caramel marshmallows: homemade caramel (contains butter and cream), 100% pure vanilla extract
pandan+salted gula melaka: homemade gula melaka sauce (contains coconut milk), pandan



shelf life & storage

rose, stout marshmallows – approx 40 days from date of production (room temperature).
pandan+salted gula melaka marshmallows – approx 50 days from date of production (room temperature)
vanilla, lemon, passion fruit, salted caramel marshmallows – approx 80 days from date of production (room temperature).
store in cool and dry place for optimal shelf life. shelf life can also be extended if refrigerated.

honey graham crackers: approx. 6 months from date of production.

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