1x non-toxic burner, 2x 4-cube pack of marshmallows, 10x homemade graham crackers, 6x peanut-sesame cookies, 8x Hershey's milk chocolate bars, homemade peanut butter, hazelnut bits, bamboo skewers, step-by-step roadmap to oooey gooey s'mores

ingredients (marshmallows)

common ingredients: gelatin (bovine/fish), sugar, icing sugar, corn starch, salt, lemon juice, water

vanilla marshmallows: 100% pure vanilla extract
lemon marshmallows: lemon juice, lemon rind
chocolate marshmallows: 100% cocoa powder, 100% pure vanilla extract, cinnamon
passion fruit marshmallows: fresh passion fruit juice
rose marshmallows: organic rose water, beetroot, 100% pure vanilla extract
stout marshmallows: stout
salted caramel marshmallows: homemade caramel (contains butter and cream), 100% pure vanilla extract
matcha marshmallows: premium matcha, 100% pure vanilla extract
orange ginger marshmallows: fresh orange juice, orange rind, ginger

ingredients (homemade graham crackers)

flour, butter, wheat bran, wheat germ, brown sugar, honey, milk, baking soda, salt

ingredients (homemade peanut butter)

peanut, olive oil, rosemary, salt, sugar, lemon juice


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